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Optimizing Business Decisions  


VMN Group LLC was formed in 2001. We formed the group because we recognized that there is a need for advanced methods to be applied to strategic business problems. The complexity of those problems means that appropriate solutions ought to be somewhat more sophisticated than the methods typically brought to bear to solve them. We also recognized that sophisticated methods must be implemented in easy-to-use software platforms in order to be useful to the executives that need the methods. Our objective is to formulate and solve a problem, implement the solution in software, and then transfer the technology to the client user.

VMN Group
LLC expanded by solving a sequence of problems. We began by bringing our methods to the electric power industry, the most capital-intensive industry in the United States. We solved the problem of how to expand utility infrastructure using distributed resources. This was the first solution we implemented in software, anticipating market demand for the software itself, in addition to the results (which could be found in a report). We then turned our attention to project prioritization, as a class of problems. We became interested in that problem because no one could tell what would happen if budgets were cut by, say, 10%. No coherent case could be made for doing that or for not doing that.

We created a methodology for solving that problem, as well as the general problem of how best to prioritize projects over the foreseeable future subject to budget constraints. We next solved problems in asset management with particular attention to finding the conditions under which assets should be replaced, repaired, refurbished, and tested. We are improving our methods, and opening up new areas in strategic reliability, the value of asset testing, and the integration of reliability analysis, project selection, and customer needs

Peter A. Morris


Our Value Proposition

Decision support consulting and software programs are increasingly relied upon by mid-level managers to handle operational issues. However, as popular as these services have become, they have been little help in addressing the strategic challenges that C-level executives confront.

VMN's programs fill this gap with quantitative solutions regarding which projects to fund, minimizing the life-cycle costs of real assets, assessing and improving the strategic reliability of complex systems, and simulating the company-wide impact of various strategic initiatives.

In addition to supplying actionable insights, clients cite 20% (or more) budgetary savings or profit increases so that 'payback' is often achieved within months.