The VMN Group  
Optimizing Business Decisions  

Project Prioritization
Analyze, rank, and consistently select spending initiatives
based on quantifiable merit
VMN's methodology and software help decision makers accurately value and prioritize competing projects. Evaluate R&D, capital expenditures, sales programs and other initiatives on a level-playing field so resources are allocated to their best strategic use.

Aligning spending decisions with strategic objectives promotes success, saves time and increases profit

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Life-Cycle Asset Management
Create optimal decision rules for when to
test, repair or replace assets

VMN's high-level asset management tools complement maintenance, reliability and accounting programs. Our least cost, best practice policies result from quantitatively modeling asset behavior, asset costs, failure likelihood, repair and refurbish options and expenses, and consequences of failure.

The result is that the decision maker always knows what action to take with an asset, is able to budget labor, parts and capital expenditures more accurately, and, by adopting the optimal policy, achieves dramatic and demonstrable savings, especially compared with run-to-failure and ordinary PM policies.

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Equipment Testing
Measure the value and effectiveness
of any diagnostic test

VMN's methodology and software that determine the value of testing can be used to decide whether a testing program is a worthwhile investment. If the test equipment and testing protocols are in place, VMN's methodology determines how best to use testing to manage an inventory of assets.

The VMN methodology is closely related to VMN's Life-Cycle Asset Management methods because the value of a test depends on how the test outcome can be used to modify the control strategy for an asset. Decision makers can use the methodology to test the claims of test providers as well as valuing and modifying existing test strategies.

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Strategic Systems Reliability
Identify and control the risk of cascading failures
in complex, interrelated systems

This special-purpose software measures the risks of failure associated with complex systems. As complexity increases, subsystems and system components are connected in ways that are not readily apparent. Anticipating such events as large-area electrical blackouts becomes both more important and more difficult.

VMN's proprietary methods for addressing these questions finds the value of modifying the architecture of complex systems and measures the risks associated with complex, common-mode, and cascading failure events.

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